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Our Story

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us as you consider the difficult choice of open adoption. We hope to give you a snapshot of who we are and why we would make great mothers.

We’re Cady and Abby. We are from Minnesota and have been married for almost 4 years. Cady works in marketing technology and Abby works in clinical social work. We are self-proclaimed cat ladies and have two furballs, Thor and Ginny, who round out our family. We have wonderfully supportive family and friends who live across the globe, but we are extra lucky to have many loved ones right here in the Midwest.

We are looking to grow our family with the addition of a little one, and we’re so excited at the prospect of adoption.


Meet Abby

Written by Cady

Abby draws everyone in with her kind-heartedness, patience, and positive outlook on life. There isn’t much Abby wouldn’t do for the people she loves or even people she barely knows. Abby has brought her "Minnesota nice" around the world to New York City, Thailand, Tanzania and Guatemala over the course of her education and career in social work. Everywhere she goes, she inspires those she meets.

Abby grew up playing tennis and loves to play almost any card or board game. This has led to many high-spirited competitions between the two of us. She can also be found binge watching the newest TV series, rereading Harry Potter for the eighth time, or ax throwing in a local league.

Abby is so smart and would make a excellent teacher in her second life. Some of her best qualities are her go-with-the-flow attitude, thoughtfulness, and attentiveness. I cannot wait to watch Abby become a mother.

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Meet Cady

Written by Abby

Cady can be described many ways, but a few that come to mind are loyal, hardworking, compassionate, and playful. She is a child at heart and loves games, sports, and making people laugh. One of her friends describes her best when she says that Cady is generous – with her time, her talent, and her energy.

Cady grew up on a farm outside of a small town in South Dakota. Her upbringing helped to build her hard-working character. Cady always does things all out and she works harder than anyone I know; whether it be at work or setting up the perfect outdoor viewing of a college football game.

Cady and I have many nieces and nephews (14 in total and growing) and those relationships are the perfect example of her playful, compassionate, and goofy personality. She goes out of her way to make sure that they feel seen and heard. Her love for planning activities and games and spending time with them is apparent.

Cady is a superb cook, a passionate Vikings fan, and a wonderfully supportive wife. I am excited to see her grow into the nurturing and spirited mother that I know she will be.


A bit more about us

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Our Home

We live in a cozy home in Minneapolis, within walking distance to lots of parks, trails, restaurants, and community events. In the warmer months we enjoy our backyard for relaxing, games, and bonfires. Once winter arrives, we nestle into our home filled with a variety of indoor plants.

Our Pets

Thor and Ginny are our two furballs that currently make up our family. Thor (9) became a companion of Cady’s back before she met Abby. He is a fierce cuddler and a lover of treats. Ginny (4) brought much spunk to the household when she joined the family after Cady and Abby moved in together. She is a happy cat who is quick to purr and loves walks outside. Both are excited to have a new addition to the family and are ready for snuggles!


Our summers are often filled with many camping trips to the Minnesota State Parks. We love bonfires, going for hikes, fishing, and finding new beautiful landscapes wherever we are. We’re hoping to keep expanding our range for camping and visit more National Parks in the coming years.

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One thing that we love and are blessed to be able to do is travel. Upon meeting, it became clear that traveling would be a huge priority in our lives. We try to visit different places across the country and globe as often as possible, which has allowed us to see many different countries, cultures, and ways of life. Some of our favorite trips have been to Costa Rica, Southeast Asia, and Colorado.

Playful Spirit

Sports have been an influential entity in both of our lives. Between the two of us, we have probably played most sports possible. This has developed into a love of competition and games. Our lives involve a lot of watching and going to Minnesota sports (Skol!), playing games as a family (lots of card games, board games, and video games), and participating in activities within the community such as recreational volleyball and kickball leagues.


Who doesn’t love food?! We definitely do. While it might seem weird to mention food as an important activity to us, it does speak to our love of trying new things and connecting with others. Food is a unique and intimate way of getting to know people and cultures. Whether it be cooking for a loved one, sharing a meal with friends and family, or trying a new cuisine, it allows us to connect with others in a genuine (and delicious) way.


Get A Glimpse Into Our Family

Abby & Cady A Glimpse Into Our Family
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Our Core Values


Courage is having a confidence in yourself and what you are doing. In many ways, it is standing up for what is right even when it is hard or unpopular. We strive to be courageous in our actions, in how we use our voices, and how we show up in the world. Our hope is for our future children to have the courage to be themselves in all the ways that make them unique and to feel confident in that.


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This is your Project Description. It’s a great place to describe your work in more detail. Add images, videos, links - or upload your entire project to provide users or potential clients with essential information.

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Our hope is...

that with open adoption you will always have a very special place in our family and our hearts. Our child will always know of your love and that our working together is what made us a family. 

We are so excited to be parents and we are confident that we will be able to provide a loving, fun and educational household for a child to grow in.

Thank you, Abby and Cady


Pregnancy Services

Need support in your difficult decision?

We partner with Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and know they are always available at any time for counseling and adoption services. Learn more here.

To understand more about open adoption and what that means as a birth parent, check out this helpful resource.

If you need anything else, please reach out and we can try our best to connect you with an organization or resource.


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